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Our new online exclusive sake lines have landed on Sakestore and they are a real treat! Make sure to check them out! Our first ever blog on Sakestore will be looking at the "Tiger" sake and to why it's referred to as such. If you like your sake to have an interesting history be sure to read on and sign up to our news letter for more content.

Akitora “Tiger” Sake

Artist’s Image of Aki-kuni-tora

(Artist’s Image of Aki-kuni-tora) 

Produced in a brewery overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Kochi prefecture, Shikoku, the “Tiger” brand of Sake is named after a military commander from the 16th Century Warring States period.  He was the Lord of the Aki district (named after him). 

His full name was “Aki-kuni-tora” but this has been shortened to “Aki-tora” and, as a play on words, because “tora” meaning “tiger” in Japanese, the Arimitsu Sake Brewery took this concept and now have a tiger on the label of each of their sake.  You will notice that there are two different styles of tiger on their labels depicting the style of the sake in the bottle.  There is the cute, approachable tiger on the Junmai and the more discerning tiger on the Junmai Ginjo.

The owner, Sho Arimitsu, fully embraces the “Tiger” brand from the dynamic logo on the back of his Happi coat to the tiger patterned flat cap adorning his head. 

Sho Arimitsu

Arimitsu Sake Brewery is a small brewery which produces all their sake by hand.

Why not embrace the spirit of the Tiger and try a bottle of “Tiger” sake?  Enjoy both with food.  Choose either the easier drinking, more approachable Junmai or the fruitier, crisper Junmai Ginjo.

Akitora Junmai Sake "Tiger Akitora Junmai Ginjo "Tiger" AKITORA JUNMAI GINJO "TIGER"


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