Kyu Rice Gin Spirit 42% 500ml

Kyu Rice Gin Spirit 42% 500ml

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Kyu, an abbreviation of the word 'kyuri' (cucumber in Japanese) is a refreshing twist on traditional gin styles. Using high quality Japanese rice and cucumber, a delicate balance of flavours and aromas was created to reflect on the essence of Japanese produce. 

Kyu is a Gin style spirit that was created to with oriental inspirations. Using Japanese Rice and Japanese Cucumber, this spirit is influenced by the minimalist, simple and clean style of Japanese palate to highlight the subtleness of the premium ingredients used. Served with Tonic Water and garnished with a Yuzu peel or used in a tall elegant cocktail, Kyu is the perfect base for a refreshing beverage.


  • 500ml
  • 42% Vol
  • Bottled in UK


Water, Rice, Cucumber

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